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Pregnancy symptoms

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Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013


Von pregnancy symptoms, 22:35
Wondering how to deal with a rapidly growing paunch in this autumn season? Catches you nervous when you think of going out of the house by the changing weather and the possibility of a cold or even the flu ? Missing you an idea how comfortable to wear during the autumn months. Here are some quick tips that you can enjoy this colorful season. Follow them to stay healthy despite coming in cold air.

    Always have a warm sweater or light jacket in case it suddenly gets cold
    Carry an umbrella to always remained dry after the autumn rains because humidity = cold
    Take advantage of seasonal fruits , or eat apples and drink apple juice and avoid drinks with caffeine
    Take time for yourself , treat yourself to an occasional massage , manicure , pedicure , or simply enjoy a relaxing warm bath
    Sleep ! Take shorter and gloomy days and often pridrijemajte , and go to bed earlier
    Ask for help if you're too tired of cooking, cleaning and other tasks

planning Pregnancy

Breading pregnancy is one of the most important life decisions you can make , because it is important to prepare .

Planning Pregnancy - Pregnancy

To get a child to be fulfilled by different factors :

-1 - Healthy reproductive organs of women - healthy egg
-2 - Healthy male reproductive organs - healthy sperm
-3 - Timely meeting of sperm and egg ( calculator fertile days )
-4 - Fertilize eggs
-5 - Moving embryos
-6 - Implantation of the embryo
-7- fetal development
-8 - Healthy Pregnancy
-9 - Birth

General good health and a healthy lifestyle are essential if you are planning a pregnancy . This includes the choice of healthy food , exercise, and taking vitamin supplements , positive mind , minimizing stress and a lot of rest and relaxation.

Positive changes in lifestyle will contribute to making you feel better, have more energy , you will feel rested and confident .

Women and men who are fit have higher chances of conception healthy child . You need to know that everything you put in your body affects your reproductive health .

Planning pregnancy - Negative Factors

Items listed below can have a negative impact on your chances of conception and during pregnancy.

-1 - Alcohol - For some people, alcohol plays an important role in social life , but because it may have negative consequences for the child's development in the first few weeks of pregnancy while you still do not know that you are pregnant , if you are planning a pregnancy would be best to completely avoid alcohol . Also, alcohol is one of the most common causes of male impotinencije even men who are planning a child should be moderate with alcohol.

-2 - Smoking - Smoking is poison their body , and some studies have shown that women who smoke tend to remain pregnant. Smoking increases the risk of complications during pregnancy . It is known that children of smokers have weaker immune systems and are more prone to illness than children of non-smokers . Smoking can seriously threaten and male fertility .

-3 - Caffeine - Moderate caffeine consumption does not affect fertility and increase the risk of complications during pregnancy , but the overuse of caffeine can affect the absorption of calcium and iron , which leads to various problems such as digestion problems, anxiety , insomnia , etc.

-4 - Thinness or obesity - the greatest chance of conception if you have a healthy weight .

-5 - Careful with some types of fish - Some types of fish contain higher amounts of mercury , which can adversely affect the nervous system of the fetus , so it would be good to avoid the meat of sharks , swordfish and tuna , as well as all the prepared raw fish and shellfish . Actually in pregnancy you should avoid all foods of animal origin that are not heat treated , including eggs and milk. Fresh vegetables and fruits thoroughly wash .

Planning Pregnancy - Positive impact

-1 - Exercise - It is important to be sufficiently active and exercising at least 30 minutes four times a week.

-2 - Balanced diet - Before and during pregnancy, it is important to eat healthy . A healthy diet will help your body to create hormonal balance . Simplify your diet. Include as much fresh fruit and vegetables , and avoid fast food and other calorie foods that have high nutritional value . For the proper functioning of the body are important carbohydrates , protein and fat , but they need to enter the balance.
• Focus on the vegetables , whether fresh , frozen, canned or dried . Enter at least three daily servings of different fruits .
• Vary the vegetables. Eat vegetables of various colors. Frozen vegetables are usually just as well as fresh , so if you do not have access to fresh , and it can serve .
• Do not forget the milk and milk products . Daily you need three cups of milk or yogurt.
• Increase your intake of whole grains .
• Nuts are essential in any diet . Add 100 to 200 grams per week of nuts such as almonds , hazelnuts , walnuts in your diet, unless you are allergic to them.
• Limit your intake of fat, sugar and salt.
• Check servings and calories. Read the label , and if foods contain lots of calories and little other useful substances do not eat them .

-3 - Reduce Stress - Stress affects hormone production , leading to hormonal imbalance that affects the reproductive system . This is true for both men and women . It is important to recognize the sources of stress in your life and learn to minimize their impact. Learn to look at life positively , control negative emotions and be productive instead of letting destructive to yourself and your body . How to minimize stress? Relax, engage in activities that makes you happy , breathe deeply , exercise , spend time with people who makes you happy .

Planning pregnancy - Folic acid and iron

With all the tips you 'll find on the Internet if you are planning a pregnancy , in two particular need to pay attention .

You need to consume the recommended daily amount of folic acid ( vitamin through supplements ), and increase your intake of foods that are natural sources of folic acid . - Sources of folate include: kidneys, liver, legumes, avocados, eggs, fish , celery , beets, leafy green vegetables, nuts, beans , seeds , orange juice , and enriched grains . Folic acid or vitamin B9 , is important from the moment of conception , and many advise taking her for several months prior to conception . It helps that the nervous system of the child is developing properly .

Another important nutrient is iron. Iron prevents anemia , a condition in which the body is unable to produce enough healthy red blood cells and anemia can be transmitted from mother to child.

Planning Pregnancy - What to drink

You should drink about 8 glasses nealkoholnih nekofeniziranih and drinks every day. Pure water is the best , but it is good and you get the liquid soup or fresh juices .

We all know that alcohol is harmful in pregnancy, but it is best not to drink even if you are planning to become pregnant , because the first 8 weeks of utmost importance for the development of the fetus. Because it may take several weeks or even months before you find out that you are pregnant if you are planning a pregnancy it is best to abstain from alcohol.

Things you need and what you should not do during pregnancy


Only a few changes during pregnancy can improve your health and child. Below is a list of things to do during pregnancy , those that should not , and those that should be avoided . In any case , every pregnancy is special, and not always apply general rules , and for each item from the list, talk to your doctor .

What you need to do in pregnancy :

- Schedule regular visits to the doctor and make a note of them in the planner .
- Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals , and talk to your doctor if he thought that you need some supplements .
- Talk to your family about their previous pregnancies to avoid genetic conditioning situation.
- Good eating and exercise program that you follow your doctor advised . Do not stop moving during pregnancy .
- Eat healthy and in moderation. Do not be on a diet for weight loss. Not too good to gain weight during pregnancy , but you can not even carry a child, especially not on their own initiative without supervision .
- Do Kegel exercises daily.
- Stay positive.
- Breathe in the fresh air .
- Open more windows and ventilate the apartment.

Things you should not do during pregnancy :

- Avoid fresh food like sushi or insufficiently cooked meat.
- Avoid certain types of fish that are high in mercury .
- Avoid fast foods that are high in calories and low in nutritionally valuable substances.
- Do not overdo it with vitamin supplements .
- Avoid all kinds of toxins . Create a healthier environment for yourself and your child .
- Do not smoke and do not stay in rooms where smoking.
- Reduce the use of artificial cosmetic products.
- Do not paint or mimic , or furniture , or walls, or stay on the premises where a freshly painted .
- Avoid contact with pesticides , fungicides and herbicides .
- When cleaning the home switch to natural resources , and the use of throw out all of the chemicals .
- Avoid alcohol .
- Be careful with medications. Drugs that are safe for use in adults during pregnancy can harm the baby.
- Be careful with pets . Pets with love and society , carry certain risks for the unborn baby .
- When you are near a cat always put safety gloves , a cat is best avoided during pregnancy .
- Do not hold too high air temperature.
- Avoid saunas .
- Reduce stress levels .
- Do not expose the x-rays .

Careful with :

- Reduce the use of cell phones , computers, microwave ovens , etc.
- Electric blankets or water heaters to avoid during pregnancy .
- Reduce your intake of caffeine .
- Switch to bottled water .
- Careful with genetically modified food .

Of course, the above listed are just some of the things that you need to pay attention . The list is not complete and daily inform and consult with your doctor about any items listed or not listed , and you think that could have harmful consequences for the child .